About Tarenia

Tarenia Carthan is a minister and native of Atlanta, Georgia. She is also the mother of 4 beautiful girls and a family and marriage advocate within her community and state. Tarenia is an Alumnus of Atlanta Christian College (Point University), with a BS in Counseling and is currently pursuing her Masters.IMG_4504

Tarenia along with her husband of 22 years, Tony, are the owners of MarryMe4Life, a marriage lifestyle ministry which coaches and advises premarital and post-marital couples. MM4Life encourages couples through fun and exciting ways to renew their friendship and live in love despite obstacles that come in marriage. Keeping in line with her passion for marriage and family, Tarenia is also co-founder of Angels N Technolnogy, www.angelsntech.com. A STEM mentoring company for parents and girls ages 11-18.

Tarenia and Tony are in the final stages of  their book Marriage-It’s Worth It!! Your 30 Day Accountability Partner to Relate, ReEnergize, & Rebuild Your Marriage. The book will allow couples to strip off their ideologies, rebuild from hurts & disappointments, forgive themselves & their spouse while using Scripture and daily confessions to accomplish their relationship goals.

When possible, Tarenia enjoys being involved in her local government; being an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.; volunteering with Meals on Wheels; traveling; mentoring girls; and speaking engagements to share her story and encourage other wives and mothers. Follow Tony & Tarenia on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as they give inspiration to couples through quotes and anecdotes; , or facebook.com/Marryme4life, https://www.instagram.com/marryme4life/.

“We are taught many subjects in life such as history, math, science, and reading, but no one teaches us about being in relationship and it is time we major in this matter. Why? Because it is the most important building block of our existence and determines the destiny of legacies we leave behind for the next generation.”…. (and excerpt from the book, It’s Worth It)…….MM4Life

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