MarryMe4Life is the vision of Minister’s Tony and Tarenia Carthan who believe that you can not be married to the wrong person, but that you can be married to the wrong ideas about marriage. These relationship mentors have come through TrialsTroubles, and Triumphs.  Their passion for Reaching, Relating, and Rebuilding of relationships for couples who are in the pre-marital or post-marital stages of life have led them to become Certified Laugh Your Way To a Better Marriage Presenters under Pastor Mark Gungor.

Uniting today’s contemporary methods for  marriage with yesterday’s traditional values, Tony and Tarenia have found a niche that helps couples in every walk of life. Their vision is to empower couples to live in and on purpose in marriage through fun, practical, and manageable nuggets of teaching and advisement.  Marriage can be exciting even in the day-to-day routines.  Through Tony and Tarenia’s teaching, couples can find moments to cherish and opportunities to create moments that will keep them falling in love with each other.

Join MM4Life as Tony and Tarenia encourage your relationship through couple gatherings, fun date-nights, im-pactful seminars, and couples advisement.  MM4life is committed to ensuring couples have the resources and the people they need during moments of trying times. Through building relationships those same encouragers are there to celebrate mile-stones and victories that life will bring. It is important to keep your marriage fresh and surround your self with other’s who are committed to helping you create and maintain a healthy marriage. With the team of  “T n T” you are sure to get explosive and dynamic results to take your relationship to the place God desires for you to live, in the land of Peace, Purpose, and Prosperity. Contact them at (404)275-0440 or by email at info@mm4life.com

2 Responses to Home

  1. Nash & Karla Alexander says:

    Tony and Tarenia WE LOVE IT!!!

  2. Chenedra Gaines says:

    We have been married for 21 yrs (college sweethearts) and are very intetested in your group. Please send more information on how to become involved.
    Thank you,

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